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Nick Zanca is a record producer, composer and writer currently based in Queens, New York. His sonic work spans the idioms of songcraft, synthesis, sound collage and electroacoustic improvisation. He began releasing work under the alias Mister Lies in 2012, a production project he began as a student in Chicago which reached a conscious conclusion after three full-length albums and several singles. He was an editor at Reverb and a contributor to Tone Glow. Recent production credits include Lucy Liyou's Dog Dreams (American Dreams Records, 2023), the self-titled album of a duo with More Eaze, Asemix (Warm Winters, 2021), and Wendy Eisenberg's Auto (Ba Da Bing Records, 2020). His work as a producer has been featured in Pitchfork, NPR, The Wire, Vogue, VICE, The FADER, The Quietus, and Tiny Mix Tapes.

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